Luke Stewart

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NYC Second Thoughts

I guess the title makes it seem like I'm having second thoughts about being in NYC but I really just mean my second blog post with thoughts about NYC.

Really not much has changed other than I've seen a lot more shows (I'll post about those soon), I've ridden a few different trains and met more new friends and ran into more old friends. My routine is the same: every weekday I wake up, hop on the Q or B, get off at 42nd St and go to work and then go home or to meet people or to a show. I understand the city much more now. I'm starting to remember what stations have what trains and I even know some bus routes. I have my my favorite deli's and Indian restaurants in certain neighborhoods now too. But New York is still New York and New York doesn't notice me learning about it and occasionally getting lost or being scared in it, which is actually kinda nice.

As for my internship with Jim Carnahan Casting, it's pretty much the same old thing too but with a few new things sprinkled in every now and then. I've been given more responsibility and the others in the office don't feel that they need to be as hands on with me, which I guess is because I actually know how to do things now. I've sat in on some auditions that I can't talk about but I can say that I even got to be a reader for part of one. I also have everyone in the office's coffee order memorized so if you're ever wondering about that, I can give you the scoop. The most valuable things I've learned as an actor has definitely been what I've heard from people talking on the phones in the office. It's a small office and everyone is almost constantly on the phone talking about actors or shows and just hearing what they have to say about different actors and how specific some characters have to be has been very insightful.

Well that's pretty much all I can think of right now so... Later!

P.S. My favorite place for lunch is FRAME on 7th between 39th and 40th! It's the bomb!