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Friends in Shows!

Last night I got the chance to see my second performance in New York involving one of my classmates from Otterbein. I saw Steven Meeker, an acting major in my class, perform in the Magnet Theatre's first 10 Minute Play festival. It was a great night of short plays. Steven played the host of a children's reality cooking show that had a never ending finale, playing off the commercial breaks that always seem to come at the worst times.

The first time I saw my classmate's work in New York also involved Steven but that time as a writer. I saw the first round of the Manhattan Repertory Theatre's March Short Play Competition. The play by Steven was called More Than/Less Than and featured Natalie Szczerba and Lauren Kent as the wonderful performers and amazing direction by Evan Moore-Coll. The play made it to the finals of the competition but was not the winner. They putting on the same show later this spring in two other short play events. It was so great to see my classmate's work in a New York house and I'm looking forward to even more close friends making their New York debuts whenever they come along.

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